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Steel erecting is the installation and dismantling of structural steel frames of building and engineering projects. The structural steel installation is usually crane assisted and utilises mobile elevated work platforms or scissor lifts..

Steel Fabrication


The process by which stock and custom sized material (ie: bar, pipe, tube, plate, sheet metal and many others) are cut, sheared, coped, fitted, rolled and welded to replicate a design drafted most often by architects and engineers.

Architectural Works


An architectural work as including the design of a building as embodied in a tangible form (the building itself), along with any plans or drawings of the building.This includes the overall form of the building, as well as the composition..

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Ontario Structural Steel Fabrication Company. LLC, Dubai

Ontario Structural Steel Fabrication Company. LLC, Dubai. started in 1994 and 2 decades in the fabrication industry and services, It has grown as an independent contractor for structural steel fabrication services structural steel fabrication, erection and container modification works. Ontario structural steel fabrication C